2022-01-15 Druid Jailbreak

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Sylvas, Aggie, and Soot found out (How?) that Itotia Ithriel had been arrested by the druids of Dragonfyre. They convicted him of high crimes and he was awaiting a final trial in the jail below the barracks before being executed.

Sylvas shape shifted into a rodent to get the layout of the jail, encountered a foppish noble in one of the cells who later turned out to be Aggie's father, (Name?). He found and spoke with Itotia and learned that he had been drugged so he couldn't use his powers, but if he had his staff he could teleport himself and one other back to his home.

While Soot distracted one of the guards (Name?), Aggie and Sylvas slipped into the servant's entrance in the back of the barracks, but encountered a guard (Name?). They apologized for using the wrong entrance and Aggie swiped a cinnamon roll on their way back out the door.