2022-01-15 Jailbreaking Druid

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Sylvas, Aggie, and Soot found out (How?) that Itotia Ithriel had been arrested by the druids of Dragonfyre. They convicted him of high crimes and he was awaiting a final trial in the jail below the barracks before being executed. Sylvas shape shifted into a rodent to get the layout of the jail, encountered a foppish noble in one of the cells who later turned out to be Aggie's father, Giani. He found and spoke with Itotia and learned that he had been drugged so he couldn't use his powers, but if he had his staff he could teleport himself and one other back to his home.

While Soot distracted one of the guards, Vicky, Aggie and Sylvas slipped into the servant's entrance in the back of the barracks, but encountered another guard. They apologized for using the wrong entrance and Aggie swiped a cinnamon roll on their way back out the door and met back up with Soot.

Aggie's father heard them talking and, recognizing his son's voice, called out to them. He explained that he and Aggie's mother, Lia, were trying to rescue Itotia, but he was caught and Aggie's mother was still inside. Aggie decided that he and Soot should walk in the front door and demand to see his father while Sylvas shifted back into a rat to re-enter the prison area.

Sylvas and Soot were allowed entry, but once inside the guard that Soot distracted came in through the servant's entrance and called out Soot for shenanigans. Attempting to create a weapon from flame, Soot released an explosive burst of fire at the incoming guards, severely maiming one of them. He used the flames to create a wall of flame while Aggie went downstairs to rescue Itotia.

While this was happening upstairs, Aggie's mother slipped downstairs and into the storeroom in the center of the jail area. Sylvas recognized the mother's description and followed her in rodent form. Once inside, he resumed his humanoid shape and explained that he was a friend of Aggie's and that he was also here to rescue Itotia. They searched and found Itotia's staff and were leaving the storeroom as Aggie came downstairs.

After a brief reunion, Aggie attempted unsuccessfully to pick Itotia's cell door lock, but his mother produced a jeweled dagger and deftly picked the lock herself. Once released, Aggie's mother gave the dagger to Aggie and Itotia promised additional recompense if they find him back in his home. Itotia used his staff to transport Aggie's mother and himself safely away.

While they were rescuing Itotia, Soot managed to kill one guard in the main entryway and also the guard in the kitchen by the servant's entrance and flee the scene.

Sylvas attempted to shift into a mountain lion, but managed to only transform his hands into claws. He went upstairs to assist Soot, but he found bewildered guards wondering who he was and why he was there. He explained that he was a rat catcher and was called to exterminate some rats when he heard the ruckus upstairs. He assisted the guards in putting out the fires and told them that there was a small boy downstairs visiting his father that they should see to before fleeing the scene.

Giani requested that he be left in his cell so he could talk his way out of this mess (which would be harder if he also escaped from prison). He seemed to indicate he'd make up a story about being seduced by Itotia's heretical doctrines. Aggie made his farewell to his father and walked out the front door.