2022-02-05 Itotia's Domain

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Soot dreams childhood lessons with the priest Siglixan. In the lesson, Siglixan teaches Soot how to recognize sin. In The Flame there are three pillars that we live by: Lust, Virtue, and Knowledge. We sin when we put one before the other. Soot describes the sin of putting Knowledge before Lust. "If someone lusts after something, that isn't necessarily a sin, but if you have knowledge of your actions then you sin." He tells me that I've described stupidity and singes me to drive home the lesson, but Yara passes by and give Soot an encouraging look.


We make camp after the events of 2022-01-15 Jailbreaking Druid. Soot takes first watch, Sylvas assumes the form of an owl and takes second watch, and Aggie takes a third watch because he's a morning person. In the night, they are attacked by three wild Wargs, large vicious dog-like beasts that are often tamed as mounts by goblins.

As Sylvas transforms into a wolf, Soot is shaken by his dreams and is unable to produce a flame weapon, Aggie tries to tempt them with a sleep potion infused tart, but the wargs aren't interested in sweets. One approaches Aggie, but Aggie stabs him in the eye killing it instantly. Sylvas growls at another warg sending it fleeing. Soot leaps on the final warg, but is harmed while trying claw him.

A wolf enters the camp and fights the remaining warg. Soot lashes at the warg with his tail and takes a small bite as a result. Sylvas ferociously rips out the warg's throat ending combat.

After the violence ends, camping is resumed and Sylvas speaks to the wolf, Rayla. We learn that she was sent to help guide them to Itotia.

The group journeys to Itotia, meeting Yara midway. She learned how to repel a grub-like pest that would sometimes make children sick. Her discovery helped increase infant mortality and her contribution allowed her to rejoin The Flame. She is disconcerted to learn we are heading to visit Itotia, and tells Soot that there may be an opportunity for him to rejoin The Flame as well.

Near Itotia's dwelling, Rayla provides each group member a bit of herbs to ward off the effects of the Roe Bulb plant. It is a small yellowish bulb that produces an addled and docile state. Unfortunately, Rayla did not have herbs for herself so she became confused and passive. As we approach, they see Itotia and Lia Featherington together. She appears to be very familiar with Itotia in a way that Aggie hadn't ever seen before.

They also see Siglixan in a cage suspended above the remains of a fire. Lia withdraws a vial of Siglixan's blood. They greet Itotia and he explains that the blood is used to ward against The Flame's fire magic. He bids them to stay with him for awhile and he will teach Soot how to defend against their magic as well.

Aggie talked to his mother and re-evaluated some of his childhood memories. He's realized that his parents are criminals, but he didn't address the potential affair with Itotia.

Sylvas learned from Rayla that she was grateful for Itotia helping her grieve her lost pups, but also low-key seemed "done" with him. She doesn't speak ill of him, but she's not unhappy to leave him to become Sylvas' companion.

Soot approaches Siglixan to learn how he came to be in this situation. Siglixan refuses to look at Soot because he is exiled. Siglixan was walking alone when he was captured by Itotia. Siglixan explains that Itotia is a liar and cunning. He must let them withdrawn his blood to live. Soot asks what he'd do if he were free. Siglixan would return and for revenge. Soot asks what he'd sacrifice for his freedom, and he responds that he would sacrifice his pride. Soot uses his ability to draw the truth from Siglixan and is met with a powerful force accompanying his truth. Siglixan responds "Revenge". (Soot receives +1 if he acts against Itotia)