2022-02-12 Druids be trippin'

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Note: Updated map to include the territory of The Flame.

We wake up to an argument between Giani Featherington and Lia Featherington and Itotia Ithriel in Itotia's bedroom. Aggie goes to investigate and listens in on the argument, learns that they've all had relations with Itotia.

A few days later, Itotia approaches Soot in a Lizardfolk form. This surprises Soot, as this type of shapeshifting is beyond his understanding. Itotia seems to be sketchy on the details of how he performed this transformation. There is a snake that seems to be involved in this transformation, but Itotia gets sick and says that this magic takes a toll.

Soot views Itotia as an advisor, but is cautious and suspicious. Soot is conservative with information that he shares.

Aggie struggles with testing on animal volunteers, but Soot teaches him about sacrifice to help get him through this hurdle.

One evening, everyone chooses to take Jasna's Dream with varying results. Lia, Giani, and Itotia have all taken this before and weather the effects pretty well, but Soot, Aggie and Sylvas have less positive results.

Soot talks with Siglixan about releasing him. He offers to release Siglixan if he sacrifices his revenge. He would be unable to seek or encourage revenge on others. The most powerful magic is fueled by sacrifice, this magic would magic would not be as potent with a lesser sacrifice. After speaking with Itotia, he agrees to release him. Soot escorts Siglixan to the edge of Itotia's boundary. Siglixan thanks Soot for releasing him from captivity and offers some words of respect, but hopes to never see Soot again.